About Messenger Bots

Being that messenger bots are still new to major marketing, they can be a powerful asset for business if used properly. There is a reason why we are called Smart Bot Marketers, we provide knowledge and help to implement bots properly. 


Facebook Messenger Chatbots 

Facebook messenger bots entered the digital marketing world a few years back and really didn’t take off until recently, this getting things in a slow starting very productive atmosphere which is there is time to take advantage of these.

Coming from people on YouTube, saying they are good, they are bad, they are whatever…..just watch my video….don’t listen to that hype.

If there is one thing I know, it is marketing and building businesses. With that said, a few of my first tests using chatbots for my business, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Even against what others were saying.


Because there are great salespeople that can convince you of just about anything, however, working from a place of trust and honesty, I test things for myself to see how they react and I am so glad I do.

Just try our demo sample to see more.

What are chatbots?

The use of chatbots

Using Facebook chatbot

Facebook chatbot for your business

Facebook chatbots against E-mail

Making Chatbots easy

Are Messenger Bots Good For Business?

I think that it is only fair to say with any marketing whether email, social media, or pay per click, that there are bad apples. People that just want to spam or do not know how to properly market a business. Maybe because of lack of knowledge or because they just want to make a quick buck.

Well, the use of chatbots isn’t any different.

There are good marketing practices and bad one, the reason I started Smart Bot Marketers was to show how easy it can be if you do things the proper way and with the users best experience in mind.

What is a chatbot?


In the modern world, there are new tools that have been invented so as to simplify the interaction between computers and human beings. Chatbox and virtual assistants are the most common and most modern industrial tools designed to streamline social and machine communication.

They simulate interactive social dialogue by the use of critical pre-calculated user expressions and acoustic or text-based signals.

Basically, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence interface that stimulates the conversation of a human being through voice or text interaction. The word chatbox is derived from the term chat robot. 

The use of a chatbot reduces overhead costs by bettering the support staff time. Your company gets to provide a high level of customer service even when live agents are offline. You will realize that they are now commonly used in various customer care services as well as in operating systems as intelligent virtual assistants.

Manychat was initially designed with the aim of building a business around messenger chatbots. This aim sounds like a business product that most enterprises are using. Currently, there are more than a million accounts created on the ManyChat. This company has continually helped the business to learn how to market their products to prospective clients.


The Use of Messenger Bots


The modern chatbots have become so much used in various situations that simple interactions are limited by the range of responses. This may include customer care service and marketing applications where the use of chatbots will provide answers to queries on topics such as products, services, or company policies.

In case a client’s inquiry surpasses the capabilities of the chatbot, the client will get referred to a human operator.

You can also use a chatbox to access a large number of people at a go and collect relevant information about them. The use of chatbot in such a case reduces your need for hiring more employees to offer customer services and responses.

The reduction of wage costs from this point increases your incomes and profit margin. It is important to note that a chatbox can also be used in the organization of meetings.


Using Facebook Messenger


The use of chatbots in online platforms and messaging apps such as Facebook messenger is increasingly becoming common. Chatbot has now become quite popular among most Facebook users. This is because the developer API contained in the messenger helps and enables businesses to do automated messaging to their clients.

A Facebook chatbot, just as the name suggests is a bot that exists in the Facebook messaging app.  It usually converses with a significant number of Facebook user daily.

Generally, there has been a remarkable increase in hype floating around about chatbots usage and specifically on the Facebook messaging app.

The Oracle survey reports that 80 percent of business enterprises prefer to have a chatbot in place before 2022.

It is important to note that using Facebook chatbox has two notable rewards:

  • There is less hindrance when it comes to your entry as well as that of your target viewers. The Facebook messaging app is actually third in the list of the most used applications in the world. It is used by about 68 percent of the world of application users. It is also not just used for group chats among family and friends. A recent survey specifies that users on Facebook exchange over two billion business messages on the messaging app every month.
  • The field is wide open. Facebook has over six million advertisements, out of which 300,0000 are chatbots. This large number of ads means that your brand will actually get an edge in the highly competitive market.


Facebook chatbot for your business 


You obviously know that the Facebook messenger application is designed to provide a platform for people to communicate through Facebook. It has both audio and video compatibilities for those who either want to buy or sell their products online. You will always have the chance to communicate with your customers effectively without involving any third party.

You can also send pictures which prove to your clients of the product you are selling is genuine and indeed available. This feature has proven to be an added advantage over e-mail marketing.

Building a Facebook chatbot to communicate with your customers is relatively economical when compared to building a mobile app to serve the same purpose. You will also get to enjoy the following benefit if you decide to use a Facebook chatbot in your business.


  • Direct communication with your customers

Currently, people are now more likely to open a Facebook message even than they do to an e-mail. They can respond to the text by merely pressing a CTA button instead of typing and this can help you increase the volume of your marketing funnel effectively.Additionally, Facebook provides for sponsored ads. You can send these ads to any person who in the past, had many interactions with your Page or to someone who has been researching about your product. This means that you can easily create your subscriber list. You can, therefore, use the ads in tandem with your chatbot to target more and high intent clients.


  • Re-engaging clients

Bots have the capabilities of retaining past information. You can use details from the retained data to go the extra mile and improve on your product so that it is suitable for more customers. Using a Facebook chatbot, you can also reach out personally to offer the relevant content at the most convenient time. You can keep on reminding your clients about specific information regarding your previous engagements.


  • Leads Identification

Your chatbot can identify the needs of your customers or potential clients as it greets them. This is usually done by asking them several basic questions such as their budget plans, instant direct quality, and informed leads will be sent to your human sales team.


  • Time and cost-effective

As you obviously know, every customer expects and wishes to find customer care that is available at all time round the clock. You also hate to waiting for on-hold calls that keep on asking the same question several times, right? Messenger chatbot can greatly help you have a high-quality service that will help you retain your current customers and even attract new ones.


  • Handling transactions

There are some high-end bots that can be used in the whole selling process on behalf of the marketing team. It can execute the whole procedure as long as it has been integrated with the right script. Conversational commerce also leaves a room for the customized up-selling as the bot usually makes various recommendations to the person who is inquiring for information.


Businesses are using Facebook chatbots in a range of ways. Each bot is unique to the industry that it serves. They can serve some among these purposes.

  • They can as well drive discoveries.
  • They can alert you to an offer they think you may like.
  • They can up-sell through suggestions.
  • They remind you of what you overlooked in purchasing.


Currently, Facebook is highly prioritizing; its efforts ad focus on strengthening and improving its messaging applications. They are possibly onto something bigger and more significant, especially considering the numerous references from various industries. It now makes even more sense as to why you should find messenger marketing to make your corporation’s marketing activities more strong.

Manychat will assist you in an attempt to build a messenger bot and spread information to a large number of people quickly. They will help you to fast to expand your business and to grow your enterprise. It has all the tools you will possibly need to engage and boost your clients. You need to connect it to your account.



Facebook chatbots against E-mail 


Communication to clients using Facebook chatbot has been ranked as more effective than through e-mail. Messengers contain more than four times the average click-through rates and three times the average open rate when compared to e-mails. There are several facts that have contributed to this preference for Facebook chatbots compared to e-mails.

  • Most clients are not willing to provide their e-mail addresses when registering to websites or even to download free content.
  • A more and complicated procedure is involved when engaging in an e-mail newsletter and campaigns. It is easier to open a Facebook thread.
  • Facebook has more users compared to e-mail. Research has indicated that the Facebook messaging app is used by more than 1.2 billion subscribers every month.
  • When it comes to re-targeting, it is easier on messenger leads than on e-mail lead. It gets more comfortable because the points are already on Facebook.
  • The interactions on messenger are two-way and one-way on e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is also more marketing focused. The user’s question determines the response given by Facebook bot.


In case you are still confused about why you should go for the idea of using Facebook for your marketing task instead of email read on;


  • Real contact information.

Once you conclude communicating with your clients through messenger, you can check their name, profile picture, and all other details from their profile. There is a high probability that this is his/her real identity. This identification makes the selling process more manageable. If there comes the need for further confirmation, you can be able to reach out to them as you can access their contacts.

To some extent, it ensures the safety and security of business firms. An e-mail can be frustrating since you only get to know the e-mail address of your clients. There are no additional details provided, and if by any chance you need to reach them, you cannot gain their contacts without asking for it.


  • Notifications and push-ups. 

As the dealer, you can set reminders and follow up to that client that you feel the need to remind. By placing your Facebook notification, you will always get a reminder on the time you need to get into a conversation with your client.

In contrast, when you are using e-mail, once you send a message to your client, you have to wait until they receive it to respond. In some cases, it can take longer than you expected and hence is discouraging to most businesses


  • Facebook Identity. 

Once you open an account on Facebook,  the details you provide will be showing in your profile until you decide to change or adjust. Having a profile is advantageous since clients can access information about your business from the Facebook profile.

As a business, you can provide the necessary information that clients need, and that can attract even more potential customers. It is not possible to set such a profile in an e-mail that clients can access when trying to reach out on you.


  • You can re-market products and services. 

Business owners get the advantage in such a way that they can be able to remarket goods once they restock the products. The remarketing is done using Facebook ads; you can also market one product on your Facebook page. For firms that use the e-mail, they do not share this advantage of selling their products using the ads.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should now cease from using e-mail campaigns. You can probably continue using both. Although e-mails are not as exciting to most people as messengers, maybe one day the messenger marketing will be saturated.

Some other technology will have its way of taking over. But before that happens, you need to utilize messengers fully.


Creation of a chatbot


When creating a new chatbot, you should consider contacting a software developer or designer. A new chatbot will require to be integrated appropriately with messenger for responding to questions through text messages and configuration for responding to audio questions. This chatbot addresses all your prioritized needs.

You can also acquire a chatbot by the use of chatbot building platforms. You have full control to data getting used in its functioning.  Unfortunately, this is most appropriate for in-house services.

However, some people rule out this chatbot as its configuration has limitations and its services are not independent.

Hence it means there has to have a human operator for it to perform. At times, it gets to be tedious, and so many businesses may end up avoiding it.

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