ManyChat Growth Tools For Success

Success is just a growth toll away with ManyChat and Facebook so we have put together a few videos to help you better understand.


Let’s talk about Growth tools for ManyChat in 2019

When it comes to learning ManyChat, there really is no better place than here with Smart Bot Marketers.

Using growth tools is what we are going to go over in the three videos we have on this article, trying to provide value where we can.

Comment Growth Tool

Live Chat Growth Tool

Landing Page Growth Tool

Messenger Modal Growth Tool Website Pop-In

Loading a Custom Field In a Growth Tool

2019 ManyChat Growth Tools Tutorial

When it comes to learning how things are done, we have YouTube video, free training inside of our bot, a facebook group for support, and two courses for those who are serious about success.

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ManyChat Comment Growth Tool

How to set up ManyChat Messenger Facebook Comments Growth Tool for better engagement

Who is this ManyChat Comments Growth Tool topic for?

  • Anyone looking to increase engagement to their business or Facebook page.
  • Anyone who wants to use modern technology for their benefit.

What can you expect to learn from this video?

  • Know what a Facebook Comment ManyChat Growth tool is 
  • Know how to use a Facebook Comment growth tool 
  • Learn how to implement a ManyChat growth tool with a Facebook post 
  • How to make you growth tool message delayed 
  • How to limit this growth tool if negative keywords are used 

How to limit this growth tool unless certain keywords are used All of these elements listed above can be altered to fit your business needs and also protect you from getting the wrong engagement.

Let’s think of this being used unlike most people even think about using it. So you made a great Facebook post but for some reason you didn’t get noticed like you should have, typical with Facebook organic right now.




ManyChat Live Chat Growth Tool 

What is live chat in ManyChat?

Using live chat is the feature that enables you to actually have a message sent to you from your bot and that way you can talk to the person live as it comes in. This often resolves the last-minute question that the person may have about your product service or anything that you have in business.

It has been beneficial in saving sales helping with customer support or even just chatting with the people isn’t of your chatbot.

This video will be about using a growth tool widget in ManyChat for a live chat feature that will help you in just about any atmosphere as far as sales through your website or through a click funnel or for that matter pop-in or something.

When it comes to using this grow tool inside of mini chat it really depends on how you implement it and what flow you have behind it often leading to a live chat, and this video will show you the two ways you need to notify yourself as an admin in ManyChat.


ManyChat Landing Page Growth Tool with Facebook Pixel

Using a ManyChat Landing Page Growth Tool can be effective in several ways after I made this video, I thought to myself that there are a few more ways to use this feature.

  • Landing page from Facebook
  • Landing Page for An Event
  • Social Engagement
  • And what was said in the video


ManyChat Messenger Modal Growth Tool Website Pop-In

Why is this important?

To increase engagement for your brand or business Is this better than standard Website pop-in?

Yes…instead of asking for an email, you get to start a chat right then which tells them you care.

Is this easy to set up? Yes, just as shown in the video.

Who is this ManyChat tutorial for?

Anyone looking to increase engagement to their brand or website and wants to learn how to add a modal growth tool from their ManyChat Pro.

What are some cool features of using a Modal growth tool?

  • Change when the modal displays
  • Limit the times it is shown to the same person
  • Limit or stop the pop in from happening a second time if the user presses the X button
  • Do a custom layout to better fit your website and brand
  • Change image placement easily
  • View the edit live while building it
  • Choose multiple websites to use this on
  • Enable or disable with just a click
  • Make a custom ManyChat flow for the entry 

Excluding the pop in on pages you do not want them to show on Just as shown in the video, making the modal growth tool in ManyChat is very easy. I have been using these in a few websites I have running and it has helped with not only increasing engagement but also helping bounce rate which we all know helps with your websites ranking factors.


Loading a ManyChat Custom Field In a Growth Tool Widget

This video is for the serious and the ones who want to win, big thanks to Steve who asked for help about how to load a ManyChat custom field from a growth tool widget.

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