Businesses Need Covid-19 Messenger Bots

During the crazy time of Covid-19, we owe it to ourselves to help each other so I made this as a gift to help businesses & those that help businesses.

As the world gets slammed with Covid-19 & much more tends to come from it with things happening to businesses of all kinds, I decided to make an access messenger bot to help with faster lines.

What exactly do I mean?

Well, it was clear to me whenever I visited a store that the lines were taking what it seemed like forever. Along with the fact of people still having to interact just as much if not more with asking questions about corona.

Simple questions but things that can be easily handled in a much safer way with messenger bots through Facebook.

Instead of doing a lot of talk about it, I made a YouTube live video to show just how quick & easy it can be to help local businesses with this.


How Messenger Can Help

With the growth of social media over the past 5 years, there are a lot of people using Facebook. This means businesses can take advantage of this by starting to deploy things like a Facebook page, a messenger bot, an online sales team. After introducing this is a few businesses around me, their sales not only shot up but the ease of business got much better with happy customers.

Why exactly?

I am glad you asked.

Every business is different but more so than not they are the same in a lot of ways. Having people coming & going, buying products or services, or even needing support.

In my eyes, customer support is by far the #1 thing that businesses need help with these days which is where messenger bots come in to save the day. They can do this in many ways but it depends on two major variables, the business needs & the person that designs the messenger bot for the business. Often this is a thought in which just about anyone can do this, however, there are some important things to be aware of.

What are they exactly?

One of them being within Facebook’s terms of service & the next being user-friendly.

Sound simple doesn’t it? 

Watch this video I did building a message flow in a messenger bot for access questions during the Covid-19 outbreak.


Building A Covid-19 Messenger Bot For Business Access Using ManyChat

Here is the flow we just built:

As you can see from the video….you did watch it all right?…..Just playing.

I hope so because seriously if you use the flow I gave above then it is recommended that you completely understand the intent for use of this ManyChat flow. A lot of people search the internet for free downloads like this & don’t watch the video about how it works then hurt the business they implement it for so I highly advise you to watch the video above before download.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any misuse of this flow.

If you need help then you can hire us to do the work for you to make sure you get the work done correctly if needed…..We would be glad to help.


Why did I make a Covid-19 Messenger Bot Live On YouTube?

To answer that you have to understand where I have been in my life, the things I have been through & why I care, why I reach out to help. With a positive intent to give with no expectation to receive, I want to share as much knowledge as I can to help those that are willing. Mainly because I never got the opportunity to easily learn.

I never knew why everyone tries to keep information to themselves rather than helping people.

After all, if you learn from what I taught then implemented it then it helped you grow your business then we both win. I got the experience of helping someone & you got the experience of success which shows that the world does have people that care.

I wrote this article as well.

But the way Google works, by the time you get to read this I will have already moved on to bigger & brighter things but I hope this reaches you well.

I want to say “Thank You” for visiting this website & I hope you find what we do helpful.


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