Using ManyChat's Email & SMS Messaging

At conversations 2019, ManyChat announced several new features which had crowd raising applause and the two the took the top of the talking time for everyone is SMS & Email being added. 


This will now give you the ability to send out emails along with SMS text messages through a ManyChat flow to make this a much more streamlined platform.?


ManyChat’s SMS & Emailing Breakdown

You may have heard about the new SMS feature & Email feature that ManyChat released at the conversations 2019 conference this year so I decided to make a “How-To” article to help support the proper way of using them.

In my opinion, video is one of the best ways to learn.

Having SMS & Email inside of a flow is one of the best things to happen to ManyChat in quite some time. Having a chatbot is a much needed option for a business these days & adding these two major upgrades to the platform makes this a Win-Win.

This gives you the ability to have three different mediums to speak to customer, client, or other bsuiness opportunies. Meaning, you can have them active inside of your bot then ask them a question & if needed then you can easily follow-up with an email or text message.?

ManyChat’s New Integrations Overview

Using ManyChat For Email Marketing

ManyChat Email Case Study Use

Using SMS Messaging in ManyChat

ManyChat SMS & Email Cost

ManyChat at a Glance

For almost two years now I have talked about using ManyChat as the go-to chatbot platform & for good reason. Of course, this came with a lot of questions from people from my YouTube channel or from Facebook groups.


My reasoning at the time was that they were the one that integrated the best with facebook with giving a way to do FB ads through the platform along with being user-friendly from a flow builder standpoint.


As of the latest new features that were added, I believe that this completely separates them from the rest of the pack by far. We have always been able to use other tools to do theses tasks such as Zapier & at times we still may have to.


However, having the ability to send an email or send a SMS message through a simple flow will make life so much easier.


Now let’s get into the videos I made to help spread some knowledge bombs to help.

Our YouTube


ManyChat’s New Integrations Overview

So in true fashion it is only right to give an overview of all the major changes with integrations from the settings tab. Such as ActiveCampaign, Shopify, PayPal, SMS, & Emailing. With that said, this video shows all of those features while going over them to make sure you know what is new first hand.?


Using ManyChat For Email Marketing 

Alright so sending an email in a flow is super easier so i dont’ need a video on how to do this right?

Not quite….let me explain.

The new ability to send emails through a flow is super easy but there are a few elements that you need to be aware of. One of those is that the emailing system using the system feild tags instead of custom field tags like we were used to.

What does this mean? 

This means that we need to load the person’s email into a new field along with a new tag called “Optied In for Email”…let me show you better inside of this video. 


ManyChat Email Case Study Use

Being that the last video may have left some of you with a few questions just like I had, I made a solid first hand galnce case study of how this can be used in your business today.

Please keep in mind that this to give an example to open our eyes to the new possibilities, let’s watch the case study.


Using SMS Messaging in ManyChat

Let’s now give to everyone’s favortie topic…SMS & how to send them through a flow builder in ManyChat. Similiar to the email system setup we need to load the phon number of the person into a system field along with using an action to add the tag “Opted-In For SMS”. 

To make this a much easier video series to follow, I added an SMS text emssage send onto the flow that was used in the last video.

This gives three different mediums that can be used in just a signle flow which is unheard of, this is a follow-up system without the need for a third party integration such as Zapier.

Note: if you need to do higher level stuff then Zapier is needed. 


ManyChat SMS & Email Cost Breakdown

Understanding the cost of SMS an email inside of ManyChat can save you a great deal of money. 

When it comes to when you’re scaling your business up or you’re running your client campaigns.

This being said it’s very efficient to know where your free atmosphere is where your paid atmosphere is. So that you can make a wise decisions on what you need to do step for step.

We all know with marketing it breaks down to there are free atmospheres you can use and there are paid atmospheres you can use. But to know your limits can save you a great deal of money. I personally use ManyChat for training to help others and when I do, I use the email feature of Manychat & I also use SMS for appointment reminders.

Both of these have been very effective and helpful but again when it comes down to cost and what the SMS and email cost inside of ManyChat it really helps to understand that.

These features are great features that ManyChat has added, so please look at this as a tutorial to teach you how to use it better in a positive outlook. Again, both of these are very beneficial to your business and can grow your business to great success. .

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