Learning Facebook Ads in 2019

We all know that Facebook has changed so rapidly in 2019 that it needed an update from a valid source so we touch the opportunity to provide the wins and information to help guide you properly.


Advertising on Facebook in 2019

Smart Bot Marketers is helping everyone grow by providing a place to turn for their digital marketing needs and the more people we get to join then the stronger our group gets and just helps more and more.

Starting with chatbots and using Facebook advertising is one of the requirements for business in digital marketing.

If you are not using Facebook advertising or at least learning them so you can gain experience then please do not be surprised when your competition is winning. 

Using Google Trends for Facebook Audience Insights Tip

Facebook Ads Campaign Budget Optimization Tip

Facebook Ads Split Testing Tips in 2019

Facebook Ads Budgets for Split Testing Tip

Facebook Ads Have Changed in 2019

When it comes to Facebook then it is no surprise that changes happen, you probably know that if you have been involved with them and if not that is great as well.


The videos we have below show the most current way to use them for when it comes to the platform itself. I welcome to join our Facebook group where we talk about Facebook messenger marketing and stay on the cutting edge.

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Facebook Ads Audience Insights With Google Trends 2019

Wow… another Facebook ads expert…really Shane?

Not quite what you think, I am here to help you not bs you!

You mean you are actually providing value?

Yes…just like I do with my other YouTube channel, why not give back to help people that in the end with help others so we all grow so here are a few Facebook ad tips and tricks.

So what will I learn from this Facebook ads video that I don’t already know?

Let me answer that with the small Facebook ad topics:

  • How to use Facebook ads manager audience insights
  • How to select an age group
  • How to select the top demographic in the audience insights
  • How to use Google Trends
  • How to take the Google Trends data and use it in Facebook Ads Manager Audience insights

For some you that have been through Facebook training after Facebook training this may seem like nothing new but I can promise you that 90% of people do not use this. It is simple really, what Google has can be used with Facebook ads and what Facebook has can be used in Google ads.


Facebook Ads Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

Facebook advertising through campaign budget management or budget optimization is otherwise known as the CBO can be very helpful and useful when it comes to getting your cost per spending correctly.

This is something that Facebook is Shifting too and has been looking at for quite some time, in 2019, or September 2019 there will be a shift from ad set pricing to campaign level pricing to go into what Facebook feels as they’re the more user-friendly environment.

There has been a lot of videos are YouTube videos made about campaign budget optimization but yet have tied the actual price per add together quite as well. This is the reason I made this video because it’s very critical to understand the price per ad that you are spending to get the proper engagement from your ads or Facebook ads that you are running.

After all without Impressions by Facebook, your ad doesn’t get any eyes without getting any eyes then you do not get any click-throughs, therefore, power is an utmost importance and understanding Facebook’s algorithm very much as helpful.

Save yourself time campaign budget optimization is here to work for you so that Facebook does the work for you but to also go back and check your campaigns through the 3 to 5 day period o verify that they are working and cut on and cut off ads based upon that.



Facebook Ads Split Testing In 2019 РA/B Split Test 

So you have an interest in Facebook ads and split testing, I completely understand that because when I first started things were changing left and right we have Facebook and they still are to this day.

About the second quarter of 2019 Facebook started changing their algorithm and changing the way they did their Facebook ads manager so it’s best to get up-to-date information and stay up-to-date.

Using FB ads split test can be very helpful when determining what who your audience is and what they need.

I think we all know that Facebook ad split testing is nothing new but the way you do it now is completely different than was done in 2018. Facebook is not reinventing the wheel they’re basically giving you a better property for you the advertiser with Facebook to be able to get the better outcome with your Facebook ads.

With Facebook ads split testing it’s easy to understand that this is not the campaign budget optimization feature, Facebook ad split testing is completely different this is where you want to actually test out your different ad copies, images, videos, Etc.

Here at Smart Bot Marketers, we try to stay up-to-date with everything when it comes to marketing and advertising especially with Facebook and using Facebook Messenger with our Facebook ads.

In short, I know this video was giving you an entry-level of the Facebook ads split testing in 2019. This is to give an overview of what you should be looking at and we’ll how you should be implementing we will have further videos to defined the breakdown of what is the best things in best properties that are winning in 2019.


Understanding Facebook Ads Audience Split Testing Budgets

It’s vital nowadays to understand Facebook ads and knowing where your dollar goes when you’re split testing is that much more critical because so many people are doing Facebook ads but don’t exactly know how to calculate their ROI.

So what is an ROI?

Return on investment meaning, the money you put in how much are you getting back?

A lot of times this is overlooked a when you’re running Facebook ads and split testing it’s really critical to understand when you’re doing this blood test how much money is being developed and how much power is being pushed through that split test.

I mean let’s get real Facebook ads can be hard enough with the way Facebook changes left and right so it’s critical to know how to budget properly. This one key thing can save you thousands and thousands of dollars depending upon what business you are in or if you’re doing social media marketing for somebody else.

And I know a lot of people are not going to agree with what I’m saying but hear me when I do say that the data does not lie. It’s OK for people to have opinions but when the data speaks it speaks loudly and we should listen.

Now I’m a person that does not run a Facebook Ad without a chatbot attached to it so I get the complete ROI of having my chat bots attached to my Facebook ads however many people don’t do that so they get half of what they do.

Therefore, using and understanding split testing in the way it divides up your money with the understanding of how you’re pushing the power of your ad through meaning the audience that it’s delivered to and the segmentation.

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