Traffic Secrets

Using traffic secrets to gain knowledge about marketing can be effective if you have zero experience.


Traffic Secrets



Using traffic secrets to gain knowledge about marketing can be effective if you have zero experience.


Get Traffic With These Secrets Or Maybe Not. ?


After the hyped-up release of the new book by Russell Brunson which is the fourth installment of his series of books, I was left with no option other than to buy it just like many like-minded people.

Of course, the book Traffic Secrets was released via a funnel & by no other way obviously a Clickfunnel to be exact so there were up-sells throughout.

So what did I get?

Good question, I got the hardback book & also the audiobook version because at the time the hardback was not available to ship so in a rush to find out those traffic secrets that he promised I did the first up-sell which was for the audio version & a few extra videos which cam from FHL recordings so if you have ever been to FHL then this was a recap for you.

In my opinion, this book is for the complete beginner & not for a seasoned marketer or if you have been following Clickfunnels for more than a year & have paid attention.

With that being said, it is great for the complete noobie that wants to hear the origin story of internet traffic.

Let me explain why before all the haters come out of the woodworks….let’s clear the air.

What Russell does obviously works or you wouldn’t be reading this right now but the key is when you hear what is said, how you interpret the content.


Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets



What did I think of the new Traffic Secrets book?


With my ambitions high for the book, I eagerly started listening to the audio version & to my surprise, I started hearing the exact same things as I have heard before from Russell so either I am an expert myself or he is repeating himself. I quickly thought it will get better as I went through minute after minute, chapter after chapter but it didn’t.

As a Clickfunnels platinum member & also a person who attended FHL 2020, maybe I had a slight advantage over everyone else when it comes to reading or listening to Traffic Secrets but to be honest, I think not.


Spoiler alert:

If you have ever heard Russell talk about the dream 100, paid traffic, owned traffic or about building an audience then you can basically skip the first 3 hours of the audiobook. Please save your time for more productive things. As a person who believes in fighting the trivial many to work of the vital few, I say this to help you. We all know that Russell bought Traffic Secrets from John Reese years ago.

And to give you the benefit of the doubt about the difference between the two pieces of work, the course Traffic Secrets that John made is 10 times better & still doesn’t lay claim to using any one platform.

And yes, Russell plainly talks about John & gives all credit to him for his work, however, I would have still thought that Russell himself would have some tricks up his sleeve so I paced on through the book.


Hint: one secret is to re-target in your paid advertising which we all know is an obvious part of paid traffic.

Let’s talk about the 80/20 rule when running cold traffic from cold traffic, a lot of people tend to turn off their ads too soon or fail to re-target properly. Re-targeting is done through many different way such as the use of a Facebook pixel or a Google tracking code but what about those who signed up but didn’t buy?

This is even easier, just set up up your email automation to handle this for you. Of course, you need to write emails that follow the same framework that you have been advertising. Meaning, the ad should be about your topic, the landing page should be about your topic, the re-targeting should be about your topic.

Changing the message at any point in this process will only kill your advertising & greatly reduce the results from the time & effort you put in so make sure your message stays the same throughout.



Retargeting Traffic


Building custom audiences are critical, there are three major types of them which you need buckets for. These audience types are defined by Russell Brunson & I have no affiliation or occasion with these beliefs.

They are as followed, engaged, landed, owned.

Engaged Traffic: People that have engaged with your content via views, made comments, likes, or shares….a minor commitment by the person who are good for re-targeting for up to five days after until they fall out of this audience type.

Landed Traffic: People that landed on your page from an ad that you ran but did not engage, typically you want to run ads to this group of people for around 7 days until they fall out of this audience type if no opt-ins or purchases.

Owned Traffic: People who have purchased, opted in, signed up, & are in your email marketing platform that you use.

From these audience types, you now know which campaign to use for marketing to them. Either the soap opera sequences that you make once then should never have to touch again.

This starts with emotion moving to logic then to fear of missing out.

And believe it or not, we all fall into one of these categories…..yes….even you.



How Do We Market To These Custom Audience Traffic Types


For the engaged traffic, you want to sell the click or the opt-in to your offer. Just because they engaged with your content still doesn’t make them super interested yet. This showed being showing an ad with a hook that fits your topic which sells the click to your page.

For landed traffic, sell them the opt-in or purchase. This showed being showing an ad with a hook that fits your topic which sells the purchase.

For owned traffic, sell the next step. Either offer another front end product or the next scale to your current offer.

To understand this even better, think of each of these audience types as going down a path, at each point, there is to then you are showing them a hook to get them to transition into a different audience or traffic type then take them through another journey or path for the new traffic type they have become.

On the counter side, if they do not take any new traffic list then they are completely removed from all traffic types so no advertising until they enter your audience types again in the future….the key is interest….the level of interest they show.

The whole process, the goal is to find your dream 100.

What is important about your Dream 100?

  • Create your Dream 100
  • Learn their patterns
  • Model them (Don’t copy)
  • How to get their audience’s attention
  • What social media platform are they on
  • Most Importantly…..Take Action!


Traffic Secrets Dream 100


Basically, you can still look at this like the old way of traffic that Russell describes in DotCom Secrets & that is Traffic You Control, Traffic You Don’t Control, & Traffic You Own, but with a slight twist. Below is the older way which you can see is very similar but lacks one key element.

Traffic You Control:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • PPC of Any Kind
  • Native Ads
  • Affiliates
  • Joint Ventures
  • In General: Paid Traffic


Traffic You Don’t Control:

  • Facebook Organic
  • Twitter Organic
  • LinkedIn Organic
  • Pinterest Organic
  • Guest Blog Posting
  • YouTube
  • Guest Interviews
  • Search Traffic like SEO


Traffic You Own:

  • Buyers
  • Opt-Ins
  • Email List

But be careful because there are other mediums such as chatbots, sms or text message, phone, address which can be used as well.

The one key things that is different from the old way & the new way is the Dream 100, you need to make a list of the top 100 influencers or people that you would love to do business with or who you feel is getting the results that you want. This way you can try to reach them either through social media, mail, personal contact, or if all else fails them buy the traffic from them by targeting their followers.

For example: Buy Facebook ads targeting people that like Russell Brunson or Tony Robbins

Of course, don’t just go out & do that exact audience because you need to narrow it down a bit more but that is a rough example to get your brain thinking that way.

Like I stated above, the new way in Traffic Secrets is the Dream 100 & new terminology for the audiences.

Earned Traffic

Controlled Traffic

Owned Traffic

Traffic Secrets Dream 100 Traffic


How Do I Know About Traffic Secrets?


Largely because I was part of the original offer years ago that John Reese made which taught the master plan of traffic secrets, having competitive intelligence is where it all starts so you know where you can save time & money. Why should you re-create the wheel, you shouldn’t, use what is already working to help you in your marketing.

If there is no information on your market then that is usually a bad sign because of the level of interest.

Understanding keywords that can help you in your niche, also setting up the proper tracking codes like FB pixels or Google tracking codes are all very important things to be aware of & to use. These are known facts & not just opinions, after all, how did you land on this page?


Traffic Secrets Master Plan



Traffic Secrets Channel Types


From the way Gary Vaynerchuck tells it is the exactly the same way Traffic Secrets breaks it down, the modern version of a talk show is Facebook with the modern version of a radio being a podcast. These are ways the Russell talks about reaching your Dream 100 or their audience in other words.

Listed below are the conversasion types:

  • Talk Show – Facebook
  • Reality TV – Instagram
  • Radio – Podcast
  • Newspaper -Blogs
  • Sitcom – YouTube
  • Direct Mail – Email


Traffic Secret Channels

Let’s recap….

Find out what social media platform or platforms that your Dream 100 are using, model what them do then plan out what type of content you should make.

Making content is not easy & mastering the different platforms can be quite a headache as well but are very much worth every piece of content you make so take the time to make good content, I know you are thinking “How do I know if my content is good?

Just look at the engagement you get, likes, shares, comments, & the most important about this is to know how the platform reacts. Example: If you make a YouTube video it could take time to get likes, shares, & comments, however, if Instagram then the reaction is almost instant or within that day.

These are good ways to gauge your content….don’t just start try to recreate the wheel, model your Dream 100 & what they are doing to get ideas, topics, & how to’s.


Use shoutouts

A lot of of wonder how to grow fast on social media & at first glance it’s almost right in front of your face, reach out to those with big followings then see if you can get a shoutout or calab with them.

These can be done on any social media platforms & even websites, just note that every one has their own sweet spots…..some of this is paid & some of this is completely free.

Being smart with shoutouts is important so test your content & make sure that it is engaging for that type of social media, especially if you are paying for the shoutout which is pretty common.

The end goal is the grow your audience from your Dream 100’s audience.



The Difference in Traffic Secrets & DotCom Secrets


With everything that has been said between the two books, a lot of great content was shared from Russell but like he says….he often repeats what he says until we get the point or take action.

The major key difference from these two books for me is the push for the Dream 100 & making that the center of your efforts.

This will help you in so many ways like understanding trends, making content, what your audience likes.

Which are all foundational to success in the online world if you are wanting to be a 2 comma award winner or even just grow your existing business.

There are six major ways in the end that are important to now.

  • History & Goal
  • Find & Model Dream 100
  • Strategy & Publishing
  • Work Your Way In
  • Buy Your Way In
  • Fill Your Funnel

Six Dream 100 Way To Success

So what if you can’t find your Dream 100 on a social platform?

Then you need to understand the intent of that type of social media or their ultimate goal for their platform.

Is it to grow?

Is it to make money?

Is it….well, you get the point.


Example….Facebook, Google, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

The intent of these platforms may change from time to time which may shift what you do so the key is to still find your Dream 100 but in the case of no Dream 100 on that platform then just look at what is trending.

Not trending topics, I am talking about the trending actions that the platform is looking to achieve themselves, if you can find this & make great content then it is just a matter of time before you have a huge following.



Traffic Secrets Buying Process


There is an interesting fact about the way we feel buying traffic works & what is actually the true process, just think about when you purchased something before. And I don’t mean a Clickfunnel’s product, I am referring to just about anything you had an interest in.

Did you just buy it or did you do your research?

I bet I know what you did.

As marketers, when we build ads we often feel that the buying process is streamlined directly to our product as shown below.

And to be honest, it can be if the person knows about us.

Traffic Secrets Hot Lead

As much as we want to believe that all of our sales happen just like buying an ad then sending it to a funnel & that’s it but its not.

Often, what happens is that your customers like to research you or your product to make sure it is credible.

This process looks much different then we would like which is why it is important to be patient in our advertising.

Traffic Secrets Buyers Guide

Now that you have seen this first hand, I am sure you agree that you or someone you knows shops like this.


In fact, to even add more value to this post I made a podcast talking what mu top takeaways from this & the best thing about it is that you don’t even have to leave this article…..just listen.


My Final Thoughts


And now that I have listened to the audiobook that Russell put out, I have to say that as this did have some golden nuggets of information, to me… just didn’t live up the hype that was kicked out about it with all the promotions & such.

In fact, if you want to just get the book or any of Russell’s book to see for yourself then they are all listed below & yes they are so-called free but in a true fashion they are free plus shipping so they are $9.95 per book & again, to be honest, they are all worth that easily.


Also, what do you get with this $9.95 book?

  • Hardback Copy Of Traffic Secrets
  • The Traffic Secrets Foundation
  • The Ultimate Unfair Advantage
  • How To Make A Video Go Viral
  • The Ultimate Hack
  • 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge


Completely free with the free + shipping offer so if you are in need of some knowledge then might as well, but again, if you are a seasoned vet at marketing then it might not be your thing…..just want to be honest.


Learn more about hook, story, offer on all the social media platforms from someone who does it.


Well….someone who tells others to do it but do it correctly then Russell Brunson is your man, when I say get others to do it for him…..we all know once you hit a certain level that you are sort of hands off. I will say that Russell is more hands on than most so his advice is real.

Here is an interesting fact, Russell invests in helping his community that he gets the highest success stories to come teach.

Here is a


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